A migrant congregation – St Mary’s, Bedfont

By Karen Rollins

Medge Doffay and Angela Mann are members of St Mary’s church, Bedfont in England. Bedfont is part of the borough of Hounslow which has a diverse and vibrant migrant population.

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Zimbabwe: When people become ping-pong balls of politics

By Tinotenda Sibanda

“If Zimbabwe had everything in such abundance as it has migrants, we would not have any problems,” a local analyst said the other day . There is some sad truth in this statement. It’s,   however, not because Zimbabwe hosts a large number of migrants who may regard the country in southern Africa as a wonderful destination. But because up to a quarter of Zimbabwe’s current day population has left the country. Continue reading “Zimbabwe: When people become ping-pong balls of politics”

Migrare Humanum Est

By Thomas Mützelburg

Already there when we immigrated: Homo Erectus

Migration has been with us for thousands of years – in fact, it was a major driving force in human evolution and throughout human history. The first modern humans, homo sapiens, started to migrate from Africa to other parts of the world as early as 100,000 years ago.

When Homo sapiens arrived in the Middle East and Asia, he wasn’t alone. An older hominid species, Homo erectus, which had evolved around two million years ago, already populated many parts of the world. In Europe, where homo sapiens arrived around 45,000 years ago, he encountered a more recent hominid species, the Neanderthal.

Prof. Gerhard Weber: How we found out that Homo Sapiens arrived in Europe already 45,000 years ago.

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Chinese Migrants Move to Nigeria to Make Money

By Chibuike Oguh

Jennifer Yin is not a typical Chinese migrant in Nigeria. She speaks fluent English courtesy of the two degrees in English she obtained from Henan University in China. “Most Chinese people can read English, but they cannot speak fluent English,” the 29-year-old says.

Yin moved to Lagos in 2009 to represent a hair manufacturing company attempting to gain a foothold in Africa’s largest economy. “Nigeria is a tough market. But one thing I like about Nigeria is the people – they are kind, open-minded and easy-going,” Yin says. Continue reading “Chinese Migrants Move to Nigeria to Make Money”

Will future whistleblowers become political migrants?

By Thor Fanndal

Whistleblowers are not the first people that come to mind when talking about migration. In fact  even after blowing the whistle most do not feel forced to go on the run. This, however, could change due to a growing trend of prosecution of whistleblowers, and the political dismantling of channels previously in place for those that blow the whistle, by the Obama administration. Continue reading “Will future whistleblowers become political migrants?”

U.S. immigration at a glance

By Rebecca Lee Robinson

Current Immigration in the United States.

The United States is often viewed as a melting pot and landing spot for migrants from around the world. While in the past the majority of immigrants came from European countries, in recent years more people are coming from Latin America. Mexico is the most common location people immigrate from partially because of its shared border with the United States. Continue reading “U.S. immigration at a glance”